IPAF & PASMA Training Courses

Why it is important for managers to be safety trained

Managers are sometimes forgotten when a company is arranging safety training courses for employees but this is not a good idea because the manager needs to have an overall knowledge of what is done in the company. As it is their job to assign tasks to others, it is certainly essential that they know what every job entails and although it is not always possible for them to understand the very technical parts of everyone’s job, the health and safety precautions inherent in the task are easy to understand without this knowledge, so there is no difficulty in providing a course for managers.

Basic overall training

A manager must understand everyone’s job at least in principle because without this knowledge the manager may well set a task which is not suitable for the skill mix. Beyond this, though, the manager must also know whether the task assigned can be carried out safely with the equipment to hand; whether the equipment is in good condition and also whether the member of staff is adequately trained for the job. Although in a perfect world every staff member of every company is not only well trained but also meticulous and careful, this is not something that can be taken for granted, so a manager has to know, as they watch a task being begun, whether the person actually performing it is doing it in a safe and considerate manner.

Accredited courses

Many bodies involved with health and safety (e.g. PASMA) have managers’courses on their list of accredited safety training programmes. These have been designed with the input of managers so they deliver just the right mix of information to enable the manager to guide their staff when assigning jobs. It is sometimes difficult in a managerial position to appear to be telling qualified staff what to do, but with the information obtained from a managers’safety training course on board, it is possible to speak the language and discuss any problems without sounding unprepared. It is also easier for a manager to assign a task if they are sure that the member of staff is qualified and also that any equipment is in good repair. Although there must of course be complete trust between manager and employees, knowledge is a good underpinning to that and makes the workplace safer.

Welcome Information

Managers enjoy their safety training courses as they feel that it gives them some back up knowledge that will be of help to their staff. Having some insight into what is needed to keep people safe is always welcome, because managers like to work with the HSE to try and reduce the incidence of accidents in the workplace. Managers’courses are a good first step to reducing serious accidents at work and increasing productivity.