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Why Asbestos Training is More Crucial than Ever

Asbestos is a word many people associate with a grim and distant past. An archaic material that is no longer used and if we avoid talking about it too much one day the horrific consequences of its widespread use will be forgotten. Wrong! Asbestos is a latent problem in buildings all across the UK. If…
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Working at Height – Why Training and Attitude Saves Lives

Working at height is one of the most hazardous jobs anyone can do, with falls and slips as well as impact from things dropped from above representing a clear majority of the deaths and serious accidents every year in the statistics compiled by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) and safety charities such as RoSPA…
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Why it is important for managers to be safety trained

Managers are sometimes forgotten when a company is arranging safety training courses for employees but this is not a good idea because the manager needs to have an overall knowledge of what is done in the company. As it is their job to assign tasks to others, it is certainly essential that they know what…
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What will I learn on an IPAF training course

IPAF (the International Powered Access Federation) have designed a number of courses to enable anyone working at a height using any kind of powered lifting equipment to work safely and with an eye to ensuring that accidents are kept to a minimum. (more…)
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