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PASMA Training

PASMA Training

We run accredited PASMA training courses at various training centres around London as well as nationwide.

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PASMA Explained

As a member of PASMA (Prefabricated Access Suppliers and Manufacturers Association) here at BOSS Training we are qualified to teach people from any industry how to work safely at height. Our expert instructors are committed to teaching you how to be as safe as possible when working with scaffold towers and, upon successfully completing our training programme, you will be fully qualified to work safely in this field.

Courses Available

Our primary PASMA training course is Mobile Access Tower training. This course is a combination of practical training and theory which will instruct you how to safely use, maintain, inspect and supervise mobile access towers. After completing this course you will be given a certificate and photo ID card which will be valid for five years, and will allow you to be employed on various worksites across the UK. Also available is a Low Level Access PASMA training course for people who make use of low level access equipment with platform heights of 2.0m or lower. Another PASMA course we offer is a Combined Standard Scaffold Tower and Low Level Access course which is perfect for those who often use, assemble and move scaffolding.

Course Components

Our PASMA training courses feature all facets of Health and Safety when using mobile access towers. Attendees will be educated regarding accidents that can happen and how to stop them, and you will also be taught about the various mechanisms of a tower. On top of that, you will be given practical training on how to safely assemble, disassemble and move a mobile tower. The course will provide you with inspection training and the PASMA inspection tag will be issued on completion. Our PASMA training course will take one day with assessment being conducted by practical and written tests. The combined course can also be taken in one day which can save you time and travel costs.

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