IPAF & PASMA Training Courses

IPAF Training Courses

Scissor Lift and Cherry Picker Training Courses.

We have IPAF training courses available at short notice at various locations around London.

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IPAF Training Explained

People who work at height can face a high level of danger, but BOSS Training provides courses which will enable you to be much safer in the workplace. Scissor lifts and cherry pickers are classified as Mobile Elevated Platforms and training is necessary before anyone can work on these machines legally. Because falls from height remain one of the biggest causes of death and serious injury in the workplace, it is vital that anyone operating a MEWP (Mobile Elevating Work Platform) is fully aware of the associated dangers and the important measures which must be taken to lower the chance of an accident.

IPAF Courses

BOSS Training provides a range of training courses to suit your needs. Our most popular courses are 3a (mobile scissor lift) and 3b (mobile boom); but we also offer other categories at certain London venues. Other available categories include 1a (static vertical) and 1b (static boom/van mount). We also offer training in PAV (Push Around Vertical) which is suited for anyone who manually push vertical machinery. We also have a MEWPS training course for managers which is perfect for anyone who oversees others who use Powered Access Equipment.

Course Topics

Our IPAF courses feature a range of topics including Health and Safety legislation and the laws which regulate working at height and on mobile elevated platforms. Specifically, most of our IPAF training courses relates to the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, and more generally, the dangers and risks associated with working on mobile platforms. Furthermore, attendees will learn about the abilities of platforms and what a person’s duties are when working with one. You will also be educated on the controls of common models, and other aspects such as the emergency procedures for lowering. Also included in our IPAF training is a module on maintenance, checks and inspections. Those attending the course will be assessed by written test and there will also be a hands-on section where you will operate the platforms. Feel free to contact us for more information.